It takes inbound & outbound marketing to build a highly successful demand generation engine for your business.


To generate demand today, you need to combine both inbound and outbound marketing.

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Introduction to Inbound Marketing

The State of Marketing 2017

Christopher Kelly

“A lot of companies and businesses are finding it tough to get the message out in the new connected media environment that dominates communications today. Despite making an investment of between 5 and 7 figures a year on Sales and Marketing, they don’t generate enough qualified sales leads, or gain the new customers/clients, they need to meet their targets. They tell us that they can no longer afford this level of spending without being able to directly connect activities to results. i.e.: It can be difficult to see a realistic ROI from their current marketing mix.

Complex factors affect the success or failure of each business we talk with, and there is a unique requirement in almost every case. In fact, we find that only around 50% of the companies we have the opportunity to talk with are a good match for the EDGE suite of tools and skills. That being said, we would be delighted to speak with you and learn enough about your situation to see if we can be of help.”

Christopher KellyCXO

How it Works

A Great Message + Technology + People = More Qualified Leads


Success Stories

Wondering if inbound will work for you? Check out some case studies.

Tom Murrell

“EDGE have been a great asset for us over the past 12 months. A perfect extension of our own internal team; working alongside our development, content and social. Always on hand to help with any of the latest search engine algorithm changes. Extensive SEO knowledge to call upon and always responsive to any questions. Our Year On Year Organic Traffic and revenue has seen some really positive results, a great ROI. We look forward to building upon our recent success with Edge for the foreseeable future.”

Tom Murrell Web Development Manager - Walls & Floors UKhttp://www.wallsandfloors.co.uk

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